Free Pet Ducks to a good home (Grafton)

Due to changes in our life, we are in search of a new home for our 6 pet ducks as we won't be able to care for them as they are accustomed to. They are all pekin ducks, 2 girls and 4 boys. Three of them we raised from ducklings several years ago, and the other 3 we took in from various homes. They are accustomed to being housed safely in a coop every night and living in a large fenced in yard with endless greenery and daily filled kiddie pools. They live with chickens without issue and are comfortable with our livestock guardian dog. They have been greatly loved and we want to ensure we can find them homes that won't be a huge change. Three are handicapped. The one female only has sight in one eye, one boy is completely blind, and another boy has a turned in leg, which causes him to move slower than the others. We call it the Buddy swagger as he has a very distinctive gait! While we would love to keep them mostly together, we understand that might not be possible. They each have a duck they stick with, so they could go in pairs. Our blind boy uses his brother as his eyes, and the other two would be a boy/girl pair. We live near Morgantown, WV, and would be willing to bring them directly to you, within reasonable distance. Plus, my wife won't be happy unless she can see for herself where they are going.

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